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Certified Professional Trainer and Behaviour Specialist Jordan Coulson (CPDT-BS, CCFT) is the dog trainer and behaviour modification expert that you and your dog will benefit from. Talk directly to Jordan Coulson today and arrange a time to meet up or get assistance with any dog training or behaviour matter, regardless of how big or small it may be. New Zealand's only CPDT-BS, CCFT and looking forward to helping you today. 


We will respond within 24hrs. For any emergencies call the police 111

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Jordan Coulson (CPDT-BS, CCFT, BaMA), 

Email: / Tel: +64 (0)22-560-0750


For all of those questions this site did not answer. We apologise. Please see below or contact us now.

  • How old must my puppy be to start obedience class?
    We take all puppies from 10 weeks to 5 months old in our puppy classes.
  • My dog is not good with other dogs. Can I still join class?
    Define Canine deals with aggression of all kinds and as a behavior specialist is the right person to discuss this with. We suggest you arrange a consultation with Jordan Coulson (CPDT-BS, CCFT) and get the best advice available for your dogs future. We offer private sessions, Stay and Trains (camps), and group classes but we want to set you uand your dog up to succeed so chat to Jordan today! Phone: 022-560-0750 or email:
  • What is your refund policy?
    24-hour cancellation is required for a full refund. In order to maintain our small class size, we cannot offer refunds after this period. However, you will receive a $25 discount when you re-enroll.
  • What is clicker or marker training?
    Clicker training is a method of training that relies on recognizing desirable behavior and rewarding it. Making it reoccur more frequently in the future! Clicker training is a great way to practice positive reinforcement and strengthen your bond with your pet. A clicker can be purchased at any local pet supply store for a few dollars. If you choose not to use clicker training, our instructors will be happy to work with you to develop an alternate mehod that suits your needs and your dog’s needs.
  • What is AKC CGC and Puppy Star CGC
    Jordan Coulson is a certified evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen test through the AKC (American Kennel Club). The CGC Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step Canine Good Citizen test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds. The CGC award is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups. Some homeowner’s insurance companies are encouraging CGC testing, and an increasing number of apartments and condos require that resident dogs pass the CGC test. The CGC Program also includes the AKC CGC℠ Responsible Dog Owner Pledge. This course enables your dog to be noticed in the community as a good citizen and is a pleasure to be around. On public transport or in busy public places even left alone the dog is trained to a very high standard to handle this.
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