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Robin Scholes - Producer Warner Brothers 

Prior to meeting Jordan my experience with dog trainers had dropped to an all time low because a dog trainer, asked to produce a dog that barked at a closed door, warning their owner, produced instead a dog that wagged its tail and looked happy on cue. Worst thing was the trainer wasn’t too worried- thinking we could cut around it in the edit. This lack of professionalism made me exclude all dogs from every picture- until we made the series Black Hands. We had to replicate the dog owned by the Bain family.

I met Jordan, because of a problem I was having with my own dog and was impressed with his skills and knowledge. So, we gave him his first job - find a Keeshond and train it to represent the Bain family dog.

A challenge both to find and train a dog within a few weeks. 

As opposed to my previous experience every behaviour had been rehearsed before coming to set, and the dog performed that behaviour on cue. Brilliant.

Now - provided I have Jordan working with us, I can let the dogs back into the picture.


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All Videos

Meet the talent

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DUTCH SHEPHERD/ MALINOIS - USA DoD dog. Police and USAR. Rescue.

Nothing he can't do. Bomb proof, intense character with a huge heart - read on...



Jack Russel/Maltese mix

The Betty White of dogs. This little terrier has wildside behind a serious exterior. Cheeky!



Chesky Fousek

If the moustache isn't enough this sweet lady is a retriever with great energy and obedience.



Collie mix - LSAR

Fun and kind of scary looking with those eyes! Great obedience. Master of agility and Search & Rescue


Viva Von Meerhout 

German Shepherd - BH, IGP 1 & 2 

USA Born. A very strong, intense female GSD. Incredible at protection, tracking & obedience.



Keeshond - Blackhands 

Starred in Blackhands Warner Brothers - Barking, sweet nature, fluff ball



Shepherd/Retriever x

A mix breed that shows so much character. Can sing and play dead. Great obedience.  




He's a big confident guy. Honest and clear headed. Protection, playful, plays well 



Golden Retriever

An all round big soft cuddly retriever. A good family dog with retrieving training and obedience

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